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Executive (presidential) speech prompters            

Executive speech prompters are used for live speeches given while standing at a lectern. Two panes of high-quality prompter glass strategically placed in front of the lectern reflect the speech from monitors below so that the speaker can read easily. The audience does not see the script on the glass, but instead sees the speaker looking out toward them. Thus, members of the audience feel that the speaker is addressing them directly. This prompter system is also called a presidential prompter.


Floor monitors for live events

If the speaker prefers to roam about on stage, then the answer is to place large monitors on the floor in front of the audience. While the eye line is not as optimal as the executive speech prompter, most people still can't tell that the speaker is reading from a prompter. 


Camera-mounted (on-camera) prompter

You'll want a camera-mounted system when speakers need to address a camera and there will be camera movement, such as a dolly shot or a jib shot. The prompter attaches to the camera's tripod head, and the camera shoots through the prompter glass. Prompter glass generally reduces the light available to the camera by about a half stop.


Each system includes:

  • an LCD monitor with adjustable mounting gear for the camera tripod

  • prompter glass and a hood with a shroud

  • Laptop running prompting software

  • all necessary BNC and power cables


Freestanding (rollaway prompters)

This setup is most commonly used for a video production in which the speaker or talent is reading straight to camera and there is little camera motion. Like the camera-mounted prompter, the camera is positioned behind the reflective glass, but a rollaway prompter is not attached to the camera setup. Instead, it is on its own tripod, making multiple scene shoots or set changes more convenient. The freestanding prompter can also be used when the speaker is not addressing the camera directly.




Each system includes:

  • one LCD monitor

  • tripod and monitor frame

  • two-way prompter glass with hood and shroud

  • laptop running prompting software

  • all necessary BNC and power cables



Other equipment

We offer two sizes of prompter monitors for camera-mounted or freestanding prompters: 10.5" or 15", with 15" recommended for outdoor video shoots, reading prompter at a distance, and high-profile prompter readers. 


We also offer dialogue prompters, usually used to prompt on-screen dialogue between speakers. Speakers do not need to memorize their lines and will be able to follow a script exactly while appearing to look at each other.


Our three-pound steadicam prompter can be connected to battery and wireless video systems for prompting on the go.


Our Interrotron setup uses two prompters, each one set in front of a camera. Each camera is pointed at a speaker, and instead of a script being displayed, the feed from each camera, a shot of a speaker, goes to the other camera's prompter. Thus, the two speakers see each other in their prompters and deliver a direct-to-camera performance or interview while seeing a person in their prompter.

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