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Since 1989, we have worked with thousands who have relied on our services for video productions and at conferences, stockholder meetings, civic events, and other public gatherings. 


PromptAmerica provides high-quality executive speech prompter and teleprompter services primarily in North Carolina, South Carolina, and southern Virginia. We are also available at short notice in Raleigh and the surrounding area for last-minute events and video shoots.


We specialize in complex events that require attention to detail, sustained accuracy, and readability. Many companies that offer prompting do not study prompting and the gear involved in it. We do. We understand our equipment, meaning we can make fast equipment changes or adjustments, including in high-pressure live events where time is of the essence. Our prompting setups have redundant backup systems for assured performance. Our modular equipment, much of it made to our specifications, can be employed in a variety of ways. In video shoots, our gear can interface with unusual camera setups, and we have live prompting setups for outdoor events that will work under adverse weather conditions.


Our operators have special processes for setting up a prompter and inputting a script in the prompter that help a speaker give their best performance. Making fast on-site edits to scripts in the prompter is easy for us, and we commonly manage script versions across multiple days of live event rehearsals, keeping versions clearly noted and making updated scripts available to those who need them. We study grammar and have strong English language skills so that edits are made accurately and suggestions, when appropriate, are helpful.

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