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Broadcasting and production clients

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Sports, ESPN, MSNBC, Fox News, Discovery Health Channel, UNC-TV, and hundreds of other production companies in North Carolina and around the nation


Government and civic leaders

President Joe Biden; President Barack Obama; President Bill Clinton; President Ronald Reagan; First Lady Jill Biden; First Lady Michelle Obama; Vice President Al Gore; Secretary of State Madeleine Albright; North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Governor Pat McCrory; Governor Bev Perdue; Governor Mike Easley; Governor Jim Hunt; North Carolina Senators Thom Tillis, Richard Burr, Kay Hagen, Terry Sanford, Elizabeth Dole, and John Edwards; Rosalynn Carter; Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger; Governor Christine Todd Whitman; Governor Nikki Haley; Eunice and Maria Shriver; Attorney General John Ashcroft


Oprah Winfrey, Buzz Aldrin, Andy Griffith, John Travolta, Chris Rock, Richard Petty, Billy Ray Cyrus, Reverend William Barber, Sally Field, and many more 

Institutions and non-profit agencies

UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, NC State University, Human Rights Campaign, Triangle Urban League

Corporate clients

We avoid publicizing the names of most of our corporate clients, and we make sure that your highly sensitive information is kept confidential as well.

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